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Aka George

I want to create art that's full of joy and hope.

Georgina Peters, better known by friends and family as simply George, is an abstract artist based in Somerset.

George began selling her original abstract paintings in 2017, and her work has been steadily gaining recognition ever since. Her signature styles and palettes are influenced by her love of nature, music, and the world around her. She believes that art is an emotional journey, and her paintings often take on a life of their own. Her goal is to create a dialogue with the viewer and evoke a response that is personal, and unique to each individual.

George's paintings are known to bring happiness and colour into peoples homes.

At college, George studied Fauvism in her art classes and was always fascinated by the use of colour and how it can such an effect on our thoughts and emotions.

With this in mind she set out to create colourful abstract pieces for peoples homes and work spaces that would help create positive and joyful emotions and mindsets.

George create's her paintings in her studio in Taunton, Somerset.

"Georgina's art looks amazing on our bedroom wall. The painting is so dynamic and vibrant, it's lovely to wake up to every morning"


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