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Introducing the colourful 'Carnival' Travel Mug Flask, features a beautiful wave inspired design that will transport you to the shores with every sip. Whether you're enjoying a festival or taking a walk in the park or city, this colourful pop of art will brighten up your day. It's not only stylish but practical too, keeping your tea, coffee, or even chilled wine or beer at the perfect temperature. Say goodbye to disposable cups and hello to sustainable and stylish sipping with this Travel Mug Flask.


Is it waterproof?

The lid fits very securely onto the body of the flask. It has a rubber sealant that helps keeps the lid secure and prevents leaks. The opening of the lid is not waterproof, and if held upside down, after time might leak slightly. It is made from durable plastic and a metal inside to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.


A choice of 6 designs available.

Fits into a standard car cup holder

Do not put in the microwave or dishwasher
Sustainably made in the UK

'Carnival' Travel Mug Flask

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