Each earring is hand crafted, like a mini work of art and completely unique. No teardrop are ever exactly the same and no pair are ever alike. All of them have colours in them from scraps of my recent artwork palette tray. All of which would normally end up in the bin.


You may find that there are slight differences between each piece or the odd small bubble/mark. This is the beauty of handmade though and guarantees that you are wearing something truly one of a kind!

The pictures shown are examples. Although you can’t pick exactly which pair, they are so so unique but expect to see a mix of some neon, a little gold, maybe some blues. It's a nice surprise to see which one you get.


What makes it eco? 

Unlike typical photopolymer resins, the Plant-Based UV resin is advertised as being a biodegradable material that is primarily made from soybean oil.

Teardrop Paint Scrap Eco Jewellery Earrings